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Educator. Montessori. 17+ years experience. Can provide tuition to children and adults of any age in a variety of topics online around the world in English.

Short Summary

Welcome everyone let me introduce myself. I am Darin Bicknell a Montessorian who has been teaching for over 16 years. I have recently opened my own Montessori school here in Indonesia which in June of 2013 will host students from 6 to 13 years of age, using newly created Montessori albums for the middle school and secondary school years. I am very passionate about integrating my own albums that I have developed into a digital format that can be shared with other Montessorians around the world. If we are able to achieve our goal of $5000 USD we will be able to successfully put this program up for the Montessori community. The donations will go a long way to support the development of a set of Creative Commons Montessori Albums for the Middle School and Secondary level that will be available to Montessori community at large as soon as they are ready.

What We Need & What You Get

The cost of the project goes into mainly the design of the software for tracking the students progress but also the development of the albums and scope and sequence as the core that enables Montessorians to seemlessly track their students through the observational model employed by Montessori.

As this project will be a quick turn around we expect to have a working beta test by February 2013 and we will allow beta tester who have donated $50 to use the software by May 2013.

If we do not reach 5000 the monies will still go into the development of this project for programming costs.

The Impact

This project is unique to the Montessori community as it will allow schools a frame work to move from Elementary to Secondary. We also have plans to scale this project into the Kindergarten and Elementary for those who would like to adapt it.

As a montessorian projects like this are essential to the development of Montessori and with your help we can achieve this goal.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute with a financial donation I am always looking for people to help test and write presentations or give guidance on the scope and sequence being used. You can contact me at

We also accept Bitcoin bitcoin,org and Freicoin as donations.

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Test and ESL Classes Online

Test and ESL Classes Online

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School Website

School Website

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From Lance D. Allen to Darin M. Bicknell

Darin did some Mage Blade lifepaths for me. He doesn't seem to be at all related to the indie/small press community, but he came in and did a bang-up job of creating some good lifepaths.

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Long-time member of the villages community.

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From Darin M. Bicknell to Kyle Simons

Interesting concept Kyle is working on here and could benefit learners all over the world.

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Thank you for the quick 'payment'. I hope your game goes well.

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Thanks Jorge for the donation!

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