Profile Description

Some programs I work with:

-Audio (Logic)
-Visual (Photoshop, Illustrator)
-Film (Final Cut)

Music Production
-Live audio engineering (not recording)
-In-Studio Recording (Logic)

I also have a BA in Philosophy from University of Hawaii, Hilo ...looking to specialize in the philosophical repercussions and future of cryptogenic currencies.

Oh and I also do landscaping :)

I accept
BTC/LTC donations for all work.

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From Daniel Levy to Cory French (Frenchie)

Smart guy with good insights;-) A valuable asset to our trust network

From Jeff Cliff to Cory French (Frenchie)

early adapter :)

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From Cory French (Frenchie) to Daniel Levy

Just met, but good vibes all around

From Cory French (Frenchie) to Jeff Cliff

He Likes Music..Future Projects