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I'm open to offering other aspects of my skills for trade, but for the moment, here are some that might be useful:

-Creating spreadsheets (fancy graphs, too)
-Editing documents or resume assistance
-USD/CAD currency trade
-Set up USD prepaid debit cards
-Provide information about immigrating from US to Canada
-Give colourful description of culture, politics, and life in the US
-Genealogical research assistance
-Traditional southern US recipes & cooking techniques (yes, that includes BBQ)
-Other??? I'm really into language, business, and cats. I also have prior experience doing commercial voice work and a smidge of modeling.

Things I'm looking for:
-Opportunities to earn (duh)
-A valid job offer from a business with a positive LMIA in Saskatchewan (preferably Regina)
-A really good gluten-free poutine recipe
-A proper haircut, if you happen to live within 3 hours of me, lol.


Want to know what's involved in immigrating to Canada?

Want to know what's involved in immigrating to Canada?

like buy contact

Need help with spreadsheets?

Need help with spreadsheets?

like buy contact

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