Profile Description

I’m interested in developing connections and building trust across our entire community that uses the internet via our own Kipahulu currency.


Town Errands

I’ll charge 1 village hour per town stop, ride, etc. I usually go in on Wednesday!

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Town Errands

I’ll charge 1 village hour per town stop, ride, etc. I usually go in on Wednesday!

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I could use a talented gardener who has some time to offer me and sometimes a groundcrew for coconu…

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I'll give you 2 premium coconuts for 1 hour delivered in Kipahulu.

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Beginner guitar lesson

I can teach you some basics

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1 spoon meat coconut

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Macadamia Nuts

I’m looking for someone who loves macadamia nut trees and is willing to work for macadamia nuts. T…

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Endorsed By

From Chuck to Cliff DeBenedetto

Cliff is a coconut climber extraordinaire. He is well connected to farms throughout Kipahulu Valley. He's an extremely competent designer and engineer.

From Daniel Levy to Cliff DeBenedetto

Cliff is very creative and good at getting tasks done! He is passionate and dedicated to making the world a better place.

Endorsements Made

From Cliff DeBenedetto to Chuck

Chuck is an outstanding community member and organic farmer who specializes in food forests and market gardens

From Cliff DeBenedetto to Hope Renée Reborn

Hope prepares great food, is a great musician, supportive, easy to get along with and lives at a space that sometimes hosts community gatherings.

From Cliff DeBenedetto to Jennifer Young

Jennifer does great body work and loves yoga!

From Cliff DeBenedetto to We Are One, Inc.

Please completely fill out your profile, here is a credit to spend. May I deliver a coconut to you this week in exchange for 1 unit of your credit? Please send me your phone number or email

From Cliff DeBenedetto to Kel Michelle

I’ve yet to meet Kel, I’ve only heard about the television series she was on called Naked & Afraid..

From Cliff DeBenedetto to Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy is the man who had the vision for this platform. I’m humbled by his passion and determination for community currency, it’s needed more than ever now especially with the collapsing economy. He inspired me to ignite this in my neighborhood...

From Cliff DeBenedetto to Jyoti Faith

Jyoti is a great house sitter, body worker and community supportive individual

From Cliff DeBenedetto to Sun Tzu Wong

Sun is a strong and inspiring man of integrity who is willing to call things as he sees then and works with passion

From Cliff DeBenedetto to Ben Hammond

Ben is one of my favorite people I’ve ever lived with, incredibly handy, very brave and puts his heart and soul into everything.

From Cliff DeBenedetto to Samsara

I lived with Samsara for 9 months, I always enjoyed having her around. She’s very funny, loves to dance and is full of life!

From Cliff DeBenedetto to Rala Campbell

Rala is a talented coconut climber and trustworthy community member!

From Cliff DeBenedetto to Tanner Kamisky

Tanner is an awesome MkP brother and a fun guy!