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Crowd funding a local currency

Crowd funding a local currency

like buy contact

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like buy contact

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From Josh VanNoord to Dan Miller

Made some smooth transactions with him on bitcoin-otc.

From Melvin Carvalho to Dan Miller

Very helpful person ... great guy :)

From Seth de l'Isle to Dan Miller

This guy is alll over the Internet doing cool stuff with trust and currency.

From wouter to Dan Miller

Thanks Dan for your help :)

From Salvatore Delle Palme to Dan Miller

Dan is a very insightful dude and a Ripple expert.

From Daniel Levy to Dan Miller

Dan has been active in this community for a long time and is a reputable developer.. glad he is part of my trust network

From Jeff Cliff to Dan Miller

Reliable and interesting guy so far :)

From Robert Golden to Dan Miller

A dedicated programmer interested in the public good.

Endorsements Made

From Dan Miller to Daniel

This man is a dedicated FOSS coder, and open-money innovator and advocate.

From Dan Miller to Josh VanNoord

Josh can do some trading and some coding and such

From Dan Miller to Hugo Mercier

Hugo participates in the mailing lists.

From Dan Miller to Ryland Taylor-Almanza

I've traded with Ryland before.

From Dan Miller to Cindy


From Dan Miller to Daniel Levy

Daniel is passionate about bringing a connected and uplifting culture of community to the world.

From Dan Miller to Andrew Miller

Thoughtful, highly intelligent, compassionate, ambitious.

From Dan Miller to Jorge Timón

Jorge really thinks about things like money and its effects, and is a big participant in ripple and freicoin projects.

From Dan Miller to Steve Huckle

These are some great skills to have available in the community. Welcome Steve!

From Dan Miller to kbt210

Kyle is a kind, strong, creative, talented person I've known for many years.

From Dan Miller to Jaclyn

1st family of ripple

From Dan Miller to Stephen Paul Weber

Great ripple pioneer. :)

From Dan Miller to Salvatore Delle Palme

Good luck with!

From Dan Miller to Jeff Cliff

Super villager, rippler, etc

From Dan Miller to SBelleNLights

Welcome new user!

From Dan Miller to Commandant


From Dan Miller to Sarah


From Dan Miller to Jeff Mowatt


From Dan Miller to Robert Golden

Met Robert online through Daniel L.