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I'm a software developer who builds web applications, including this one. I like hearing about small, interesting projects.


Seeking input on new direction for Villages

Seeking input on new direction for Villages

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Sony Stereo Equipment

Sony Stereo Equipment

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Men's Rain/Winter Jackets

Men's Rain/Winter Jackets

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Computer help, websites

Computer help, websites

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Looking for ride from Kelowna to Vancouver

Looking for ride from Kelowna to Vancouver

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Endorsed By

From Jorge Timón to Ryan Fugger

Ryan is helping the people of the world to get free from the current and failing monetary system.

From Adam Campbell to Ryan Fugger

(Ryan) Fugger's formidable arsenal of skills includes his incisive analysis of things, his extremely objective points-of-view, and the vast amount of knowledge he seems to retain about a variety of topics. Nuff said.

From Fiona Steele to Ryan Fugger

Ryan worked with my Mom to design the Okanagan Xeriscape Association website... she said he is a pleasure to collaborate with.

From Ryan Mitchell Boch to Ryan Fugger

Ryan is an important part of the Great Heart Awakening :)

From Jeremy Straker to Ryan Fugger

Ryan Fugger. Leader, humanitarian, creative genius. One of the most competent people whom I know. I fully endorse.

From Dion to Ryan Fugger

Thank you Ryan for creating I really appreciate your invitation. I have already made some amazing new connections through your site and look forward to making more. Genius!

From Daniel Bonniot to Ryan Fugger

Ryan has put a lot of insight and effort to develop Ripple and for the benefit of the global community.

From Jess to Ryan Fugger

Ryan is a intelligent,kind and accepting human being.He is a real treasure shared between Kelowna and Vancouver.

From Victoria to Ryan Fugger

Ryan is awesome. His talents and values make him wonderful to collaborate with. He's especially committed to ideas and ventures which are innovative and support people in getting what they need and doing what they love (ie: Villages). I'd recommend him for any project without hesitation.

From Andrew Durham to Ryan Fugger

After a month-long, maniacal search for a web-based credit clearing system as described by monetary theorist, Thomas Greco, (and following a lifelong interest in economics), I am concluding that Ryans' system is the best. It mirrors how we use money with people we know through varying levels of trust. No one else into alternative currency saw this simple, obvious fact. It's brilliant. What an incredible gift. I hope that you call on me and that I can help here.

From SeH to Ryan Fugger

I appreciate Ryan's Ripple and Villages systems

From Daniel to Ryan Fugger

Ripple is cool. :)

From Jeff Cliff to Ryan Fugger

Made all this possible.

From Daniel Levy to Ryan Fugger

Thank you for this beautiful vision! Of course I trust you! If in the area, I'd be happy to offer a bit of my time to help in any way. Much appreciation for this incredible visionary app!

Endorsements Made

From Ryan Fugger to Adam Campbell

If you ever need someone to plan your Burning Man camp, rig it up, play music, mix drinks, take pictures, and generally turn a good time into an awesome time, ask Adam.

From Ryan Fugger to H. Hollingdale

Heather's a great photographer and makes awesome scones!

From Ryan Fugger to Fiona Steele

Fiona's gardening speaks more loudly than words :)

From Ryan Fugger to Adam

Adam is as nice as he is tall. And that's very.

From Ryan Fugger to kat

Kat is supremely good-natured and one of the nicest people I know.

From Ryan Fugger to Samantha Cradock-Henry

Samantha. Yeah.

From Ryan Fugger to Dan Feeny

Dan is a wizard with all things electronic, and not too shabby with things analog either.

From Ryan Fugger to Melissa Shea

Mel is one of those people that doesn't just talk about a better world, she makes it happen.

From Ryan Fugger to Dawn

Smart x lovely = Dawn.

From Ryan Fugger to Ryan Mitchell Boch

Ryan is alive with music in his soul.

From Ryan Fugger to Heather Backmeyer

Heather is always helpful and very generous in welcoming friends into her home for social gatherings.

From Ryan Fugger to Victoria

Vicki is awesome, giving, and very helpful in developing Villages!

From Ryan Fugger to Daphne

Daphne is kind, easy-going, and super-smart.

From Ryan Fugger to Hannah Ball

Hannah is a brilliant author who uses many words in combinations I can't begin to understand.

From Ryan Fugger to Mats Eriksson

Mats has been a long-time supporter of the Ripple project, and has been generous with his own time and money helping to make it a reality. Thanks Mats!

From Ryan Fugger to Tracie

I've known Tracie since I was born and she was always a good friend and cousin.

From Ryan Fugger to Tommy

Tommy is a chainsaw master and a good friend.

From Ryan Fugger to Donald Forbes

Always, always, always willing to help out!

From Ryan Fugger to Thomas Hartman

Thomas is a talented software developer, designer of alternative currency systems, and longtime supporter of the Ripple project.

From Ryan Fugger to Geoff Coke

Geoff would be a valuable contributor to any endeavour, from digging ditches to designing alternative forms of capitalism.

From Ryan Fugger to Jess

Jessica is an active part of keeping Kelowna socially conscious.

From Ryan Fugger to Jorge Timón

Timón has been helpful in designing a distributed Ripple protocol.

From Ryan Fugger to Stephen DeMeulenaere

Stephen is a tireless advocate for complementary currency systems across the world.

From Ryan Fugger to Jeff Cliff

Jeff is a Ripple pioneer, probably the person with the most experience actually using these systems in the world.

From Ryan Fugger to Evgeni Pandurski

Evgeni has been a great help developing the Ripple concept and distributed protocol design.

From Ryan Fugger to

From Ryan Fugger to Tom Carchrae

Tom is an excellent coder (I'm sure of it) and a neat human being.

From Ryan Fugger to Suneil Sarai

I've known Suniel for 15 years and he is an honest and generous person.

From Ryan Fugger to

From Ryan Fugger to Aidan

Aidan is enthusiastic and involved, a talented photographer, writer, editor, and a budding academic.

From Ryan Fugger to Hannah Ruurs

Hannah is the best kind of social glue and makes phenomenal banana bread.

From Ryan Fugger to john gauger

John has been a big help to me through some difficult times.

From Ryan Fugger to Josephine Stebbings

Josephine is a dedicated worker for social justice in the community.

From Ryan Fugger to Foley

Foley is a talented web developer and a nice guy.

From Ryan Fugger to Gabe cipes

Gabe is a cultural and agricultural force in Kelowna.

From Ryan Fugger to Sepp Hasslberger

Sepp is a longtime supporter of the Ripple project and other efforts to create better monetary systems.

From Ryan Fugger to

From Ryan Fugger to Lauren Elliot


From Ryan Fugger to The Low Frequency Society

Sean brings big-city culture to small-town Kelowna.

From Ryan Fugger to Naveed

Naveed is an internet marketing guru.

From Ryan Fugger to Robert Tissington

Robert is an artisan carpenter and home-renovator.

From Ryan Fugger to philippe boulianne

Phil is an artiste extraordinaire!

From Ryan Fugger to Jeremy Straker

Jeremy is multitalented. He'll build you a computer, cook a wicked meal, and always amuse you with his twisted sense of humour.

From Ryan Fugger to conrad

Conrad is the hardest working member of the Work Less Party.

From Ryan Fugger to Guy Adolphe

Guy is a giving friend with many talents.

From Ryan Fugger to Judy Rinta

Judy is my aunt, and she's always enthusiastic and involved in the community.

From Ryan Fugger to Sean Popowich

Sean is genuine, warm, honest, and trustworthy.

From Ryan Fugger to Daniel Levy

Daniel is working hard to help Villages succeed. Thanks!

From Ryan Fugger to Rawle James

I'm only getting to know Rawle, but I already know he has a calm and powerful spirit.

From Ryan Fugger to Curtis Stone

Curtis is a master urban garden farmer.