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I have a lot of general knowledge and web media experience. I'm a good communicator with the specialty of determining good holistic strategic solutions. I'm a writer/editor, musician, polymath, and expert poker player.

In June of 2013 I founded The Ripple Federation Nonprofit Organization (RFO). We work to inform and empower users of Ripple. As a neutral spokesperson for the Ripple technology, we provide specialized resources and a networking platform at Anyone interested in Ripple is encouraged to join.

Endorsed By

From Dan Miller to Salvatore Delle Palme

Good luck with!

From Daniel Levy to Salvatore Delle Palme

Appreciate your work with ripplefederation! Thank you for inspiring this movement

From Jeff Cliff to Salvatore Delle Palme

Ripple Foundation seems like a good idea

Endorsements Made

From Salvatore Delle Palme to Dave Chapeskie

I've read many intelligent posts by Dave on the subject of Ripple, and these have significantly helped my understanding. After interacting with him on forums, I consider him a personable Ripple expert.

From Salvatore Delle Palme to Stephen Paul Weber

Stephen is a Ripple expert, and he does an excellent job running RippleUnion.

From Salvatore Delle Palme to Dan Miller

Dan is a very insightful dude and a Ripple expert.

From Salvatore Delle Palme to Daniel Levy

I recently crossed paths with Daniel and read a bit about his work. I'm endorsing him because I think his work is very interesting, and he's making great use of!

From Salvatore Delle Palme to Jeff Cliff

Jeff is the Kevin Bacon of Ripple.