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I know mathematics, philosophy, rpg design, frugality, LaTeX, and various other things at casual interest level.

I can do those and simple (physical) work.


Osaan matematiikkaa, filosofiaa, roolipelisuunnittelua, köyhäillä, käyttää LaTeXia, ja useita muita asioita harrastustasolla.

Voin tehdä mitä tahansa yllämainittua ja fyysistä työtä joka ei vaadi erityistä osaamista.


Playtesting in near future

Playtesting in near future

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Mathematical theorem: Boundary regularity of p-laplace equation

Mathematical theorem: Boundary regularity of p-laplace equation

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Endorsed By

From Eero Tuovinen to Tommi Brander

I know Tommi from the Finnish rpg scene. He has keen and authentic ideas, and he's helpful in nature.

From Rafu (Raffaele Manzo) to Tommi Brander

While we haven't been doing anything together yet, I know this person as part of a movement of creative people I collectively trust to strive for honesty and quality - thus my endorsement.

Endorsements Made

From Tommi Brander to morosopher

Reliable and hard-working, both willing and capable of organising things and doing them by hand.

From Tommi Brander to Lance D. Allen

Paid the promised hours for a task and even gave feedback on the contribution.

From Tommi Brander to Peter Borah

Gave hours for a task done, both fairly and quickly.

From Tommi Brander to Jeff Cliff

Completed a transacton with no fuss, so I'm willing to trust he'd do it again.